Craigslist Joe – The Way to Go


All the Governments

A guy sets out somewhere in America’s united states to see if he could use Craigslist to survive a month using nothing but his cell, laptop, brush, and the clothes he is wearing. The cold weather brought on by the snow only requires him to find hot showers. If people were to adopt a cold stance, however, he’d be in trouble. Big trouble.

Refer to this Mashable post for more on Craigslist Joe:

With the enabling features of modern technology and logistical support, will you be creating a microcosm that does no better than to fatten your body and thicken your mind? In the process, are you being battened to be sacrificed on the altar of politics? Is your overdependence on tech and modern props going to cost your progeny their freedoms? Are you being imperceptibly herded into a stable that limits your freedom to choose, select, and elect?

These and similar questions began popping into my head as soon as I had read about Joe and his adventure with Craigslist. Such adventures make me sit up and prick my ears. After all, each one of us must know what support will be still available after the job’s gone or the freelance ops have dried out. It’s not about living off charity, you know. It’s more like barter of old.

Why do I love such stories? Because there’s a dire shortage of those that will work to earn and an alarming abundance of those that seek to earn without much work. Consider the following turn of events:

• The private sector employees work their asses off, bringing genuine value to their organization.

• The government preys on the private sector by means of taxation laws.

• The government employs only those that wouldn’t challenge the government in any way.

• These are blunt, toothless, parasites that specialize only in brownnosing.

• The government pays them better than their counterparts in the private sector can hope to get.

This is a dream sequence for any government across the world. It happens more or less like that everywhere, without exception. Private sectors create value, which is drained away by the public sector. Having a government job is a matter of utter shame. But there are those among us that consider it a great privilege. Obviously.

I need not clarify on how or why governments need a large army of toothless, brainless staff.

And that’s why, more than ever before, it’s become terribly important for the most talented workers among us to opt out of the race to earn and go live a simple, peaceful life in the company of our near and dear ones. And that’s where you need stories such as the one of Craigslist Joe.

People wouldn’t – shouldn’t – adopt a cold stance toward anyone who is out to offer genuine value in return for the fulfillment of his commensurate needs. If they do, Joe should opt out and go his way using Craigslist or the version accessible. No point in hoping for fair distribution of resources in a worldful of governments.

Their tyranny continues unabated, meanwhile.

(P.S.: What’s your take on the tyranny of governments? What kind of a government do you have in your country? Is it any good? Please let me know in the comments.)


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