On Starting from Scratch – II

Dreaming Big

It does help to have a large vision for the future.

True, you may not become the next Google, Twitter, Starbucks, or Apple. Chances are, you’ll be nothing more than just another entrepreneur. And yes, the world is teeming with them. Competition will likely be tough.

Things can and probably will get really bad once you embark.

History is witness to the fact, however, that those who once embarked on downright crazy voyages and put themselves in clear and present danger have often discovered new lands, expanded the vistas of human thinking, and generally done what wasn’t even conceivably possible before.

This thought alone should give you enough firepower to steer your way through the choppiest of waters.

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What’s Life Without its Odds?

Do remember that your own reluctance to venture out into the open is the most difficult of challenges you will ever come across. Once that is done and out of the way, you are well and truly on your own. Still, however, there will be other daunting challenges.

Face them square on and every little victory, even defeat, will power your way to a most complete independence.

One of the chief attractions for me when I made up my mind to go it alone was the sheer prospect of becoming independent – financially yes, but also in countless other joyous ways. That in itself was such a big deal, I didn’t have to think twice about taking the plunge.

Think about it – people without anything significant to offer to the world have exploited its loop holes and made a living, even a name for themselves, out of it. There’s hardly a doubt about it – if you have something good to offer to the world, there will be takers for it.

I feel for every brother and sister in the world who is caught up in the dreary, time-consuming, and life-sapping schedule of the 9-to-8 monster and cannot do or think any better for the want of the courage to break free.

Well, Nature did not intend any one of us to slave for any other of us. It gave us spirit, gumption, and capability not so that we could just smile agreeably at the office, then curse it all at home. We were not intended to live double standards.

We were meant to live exemplary lives that would instill hope, courage, and confidence into everyone around as well as our future generations.

But most of all, we were intended to live happy, satisfactory, and meaningful lives. The society contributed to our education, all-round growth, and sense of fulfillment. We owed it back.

Instead, we chose to fill our purses and coffers, willingly rendering hollow our conscience, intellect, and free will. We succumbed to the pressures that drove us to our 9-to-8 schedules. When overseas competition drove us to the wall, we started acting like crybabies, over spilt milk.

Why did we not have the gumption to take the opportunity when it was available for the taking? Why could we not bring ourselves to outdo the competition in every way possible? Why did we not have the courage to take the reigns of our destiny in our own hands and personally supervise the directions we took ourselves in?

I am saying just this: for making a great, new start, you need to make a great, new start. It sounds daunting, but what’s a few challenges to a spirited entrepreneur?


About Nikhil Khandekar

I have been a teacher, writer, editor, translator, book lover - now ebook and audiobook lover - and a student every step of the way. I've been there and done that and never ceased to be amazed by either the natural or the man-made worlds. I am the founder of Webwrit - a unique service for sourcing top-notch web content writing, editing, and translation services. My website is www.webwrit.com. My blog is my personal attempt to serve up the very best of content in English that my younger friends, peers, and elders alike might read for the sheer pleasure of reading something straight from a familiar heart.
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2 Responses to On Starting from Scratch – II

  1. Some people are afraid to be alone with themselves, choosing instead to adhere to a life of “double standards.” A person needs to be one’s own best company before one can be good company to others. To accomplish this, one must be interested enough to become interesting.

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  2. I see what you mean. And I know it can be tough, real tough, to be interested in becoming interesting. We often fall into the trap of believing in ‘us and them’. I have never understood this phenomenon, it’s so much more fun when you realize the value of words like ‘we’, and ‘us’. That’s how one really becomes really interesting. Thanks for this great insight, Marla!

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