A Verbal Graphic

or ‘A Graphic Verb’ if you will? 

I have often been dumbfounded by the almost palpable animosity between writers and graphic designers. Each insists that his own craft is supreme. Why so, I ask.

Would your body tell you to disregard words when it sees pictures? Or would it refuse to smell because seeing is believing?

Reminds me of the great C.P. Snow, and his work, ‘The Two Cultures‘. I am just as amazed as Mr. Snow to come across

C. P. Snow

C.P. Snow – author of ‘The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution’

‘…people who, by the standards of the traditional culture, are thought highly educated and who have with considerable gusto been expressing their incredulity at the illiteracy of scientists…’

I see a similar animosity creeping up between writers and graphic designers.

I am a bit of both an artist and a writer. Actually, I am also an ‘artiste’ in my part of the world. I love performing onstage, whether as a singer or an actor. Friends, colleagues and family have often told me I sing well, or that that sculpture I made was like a whiff of fresh air. Or that the harmonica tune I played on WhatsApp was simply awesome.

I am glad when I see my work doing something (it’s usually a ‘good something’, heh! :P) to someone’s senses. I feel happy enough to be able to leave everything else to God’s own devices, once I have done my bit in creating it.

At school, I wanted to learn Math and Science and the Languages with equal curiosity. That I ended up on the Languages’ side is just what providence decided.

I haven’t ever quarrelled with the Arts – or the Sciences, for that matter – EVER.

I am sad to see people squabbling over whose craft is superior. I see great works of each kind, each fully capable of outdoing the other. That’s healthy competition to me. But when people forget that each medium is a message, I am well and truly upset.

I am inclined to ask at this point as to what kind of an education or exposure will reveal to us our own folly in disregarding entire spheres of human enquiry? What institution, books, visionaries can possibly inspire us to try and see human brilliance in all of its glory? What will make us better able to size up human endeavour in all of its manifestations?

If you, my reader, have an idea or two, please do tell me. On second thought, tell me even if you have none.

Can we learn to be more appreciative of each other?

Well, can we just?


About Nikhil Khandekar

I have been a teacher, writer, editor, translator, book lover - now ebook and audiobook lover - and a student every step of the way. I've been there and done that and never ceased to be amazed by either the natural or the man-made worlds. I am the founder of Webwrit - a unique service for sourcing top-notch web content writing, editing, and translation services. My website is www.webwrit.com. My blog is my personal attempt to serve up the very best of content in English that my younger friends, peers, and elders alike might read for the sheer pleasure of reading something straight from a familiar heart.
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  1. It’s been lovely meeting you here online. Your work biography is an inspiration. Thank you and have a good week…

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