About Nikhil Khandekar

Nikhil Khandekar is a content writer by profession. He has wide experience as a translator, editor, and creative writer as well. He is currently a Sr. Content Writer at an IT company well-known in the US of A.

He will … gasp, choke, ha ha!… Hell, how funny can I get!

Well, to cut big, impressive things about me short, I am a human with a heart full of love for translation, editing, writing, reading, and … being human, generally. What could possibly be too big and impressive about a spec in the universes I have known? World Literature, copy writing, marketing, English language, and Music are some of the universes I refer to.

It’s been a humbling experience working with some of the finest minds in India and translating their lofty thinking for more people to relate to. I am the hopeless romantic when it comes to people who can teach well. Or learn well.

I do not neglect the importance of imbibing teachings I have had the honor to receive: Dr. G.N. Devy, Vijay Tendulkar, Dr. I.G. Patel, my parents, the Inner-net, and my li’l daughter are some of my favorite teachers – whose teachings I prize above most else.

Some teachers are those I haven’t really known but had the opportunity to learn from – Ekalavya style – for whom I reserve the same lofty regard.

Working with concepts and applying these to the work on hand is something I love to excel at. Applied Concepts … what?!

The right environment to work in is what I hold more important than any other personal belongings. The right to opine, argue, and work in ways that are directly beneficial to my teacher, employer, and doctor is equally important.

Apart from that, generally, I believe in conforming and creating absolutely no nuisance to anyone around me, since everyone has a life to live – which is a tremendous responsibility. When someone ignores that tenet, however, I do not mince words.

I am a classicist in that I love the foundations of everything – the roots, the basics. I don’t know much about politics except where it affects the masses, so I guess I am apolitical to that extent. I behave as a Hindu, but I harbor profound respect for all religions insofar as they provide critically important guidance for the masses to behave.

I like to think that I am free of all and any complexes, in that I prefer to abstain from excesses of any kind – though that’s not always possible. Improving my self is something I don’t stop doing.

If there’s anything I severely lack, at present, it is the means to provide for my daughter’s future education. But I have a few cards up my sleeve. Let’s see what that translates into.

Put whatever comments you will here, I am all ears. I’ll do my best to communicate in an appropriate and timely fashion.

Take care.



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